Currently, I am pursuing a Ph.D. supervised by Dr. Graham Taylor, at the Vector Institute and UoG.  At the moment I am visiting RLAI lab at the University of Alberta working with Professor Rich Sutton. At the same time I am also holding a CEO role at Cultura.

I've founded two startups (officially): UDIO AgTech, and Cultura.  The companies are graduates from Creative Destruction Lab, Next Founders, and NextAI.

At 22 I moved to Canada, started from scratch, received B.Sc. with honors, Computer Science from Ryerson University, and an M.B.A. from University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management.  I've been working all the way through all my degrees, starting as RA/TA at the university, and then at IBM (2009). The last five years of my corporate life I've spent at Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

Before all of that... I grew up in the middle of Siberia, Russia in a tiny village, left it at 16 to pursue an Engineering degree in Saint-Petersburg at ITMO University (completed 4yrs out of 5.5 required). While I was working on my degree I was running a crepe restaurant in Saint-Petersburg (60 seats). 

Research Interests

I am interested in the intersection of deep learning, NLP, dialogue, reinforcement learning, real-time machine learning, human-machine interaction, and communication.

Together with Cam Linke and Martha & Adam White we are organizing a Curiosity for Decision-Making workshop at RLDM 2019. The speakers include Andy Barto, Rich Sutton, Satinder Singh, Pierre-Yves Oudeyer & others! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Recent Talks

Media Coverage

Food and Agriculture

I am one of the first 5 scholars of Arrell Food Institute. Currently I am working on the Food Safety Culture research, which is a collaborative project between Arrell Food Institute and my startup, Cultura. 

Our prior work includes the the report on Ag Research Data Governance Principles.

UDIO AgTech was another attempt to integrate my world of technology with my roots (I grew up on a farm): we built an app and a web platform that first, predicted the yields, and then optimized the use of large industrial pumps that bring water into the fields. We focused on tree crops such as almonds, walnuts, pistachios, and operated in California for 2.5 years.

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