Katya Kudashkina, Tech Entrepreneur, M.B.A., Ph.D.

12+ years of business & advanced analytics experience.

I am available for consulting services on development & delivery of Data Analytics and AI-powered solutions to achieve business objectives.

Deep expertise in AI, with the knowledge of expected future trends, challenges of real-world applications, and the business value of AI. An intuitive leader in identifying opportunities for building AI-based solutions to deliver on business and financial goals. Excellent at analyzing the potential of data analytics and AI-powered improvements and assessing expected return on investment. Expert at identifying risks associated with technology developments, and the metrics necessary for success. Versatile background includes engaging and leading teams, developing lasting relationships with clients, delivering AI-based solutions, raising capital & negotiating.

Contact: Please email me or message me on LinkedIn. If we haven't met and you don't know my email please schedule a 10-min introduction call with me via this link.

About me

I currently hold the position of Director, Data Analytics at Revera where I am leading the design and execution of Revera's advanced analytics strategy. I completed my Ph.D. in AI (my thesis is on model-based reinforcement learning) and had the privilege to work with Dr. Rich Sutton (at the RLAI lab at the University of Alberta), who is a founding father of modern computational approaches.

Prior to that, I've founded two startups: UDIO AgTech, and Cultura. The companies graduated from Creative Destruction Lab, Next Founders, and NextAI. I started my career at IBM (2009) working with Cognos solutions. After that I spent five years at CPP Investments (2010-2015).

At 22 years old I moved to Canada, started from scratch, received B.Sc. with honors, Computer Science from Ryerson University, and an M.B.A. from University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management. I've been working all the way through all my degrees as RA/TA at the university.

Before all of that... I grew up in the middle of Siberia, Russia, in a tiny village, which I left at 16 to pursue an Engineering degree in Saint-Petersburg at ITMO University where I completed 4yrs out of required 5.5 before moving to Canada. While working on my degree I was running a crepe restaurant in Saint-Petersburg (60 seats).


Model-based reinforcement learning, machine learning, psychology, human-computer interaction, intelligent assistants, conversational AI.

Invited Talks, Webinars & Workshops

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Honours and Awards

  • 2020. Tim Price Alumni Community Award. The award reflects my commitment to NEXT's alumni community and the mission to create a more prosperous Canada.

  • 2020. CIFAR Collaborative Research Catalyst Grant

  • 2017. Arrell Scholarship

  • 2015. Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award, University of Toronto. The award recognizes outstanding extra- curricular contributions.

  • 2015. Top 6 in 2015 Hult Prize Challenge. Out of 59 competing international teams for innovative ideas to build a sustainable early childhood education start-up enterprise

  • 2014. Dean’s Honour List, University of Toronto

  • 2008, 2009, 2010. Dean’s Honour List, Ryerson University

  • 2001. Silver Medal. Russia. Students who received 4 out of 5 in only one subject and the highest grade (5 out of 5) in every other subject receive a Silver Medal .

Publications and Pre-Prints

Kudashkina, K., Wan, Y., Naik, A., & Sutton, R. S. (2021) Planning with Expectation Models for Control, ArXiv:2104.08543

Kudashkina, K., Pilarski, P. M., & Sutton, R. S. (2020). Document-editing Assistants and Model-based Reinforcement Learning as a Path to Conversational AI. ArXiv: 2008.12095

Kudashkina, K., Wittek, P., Kiros, J., & Taylor, G. W. (2020). Modular Length Control for Sentence Generation. In Proceedings of the 28th European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Kudashkina, K., V. Chockalingam, V., Taylor, G. W., and Bowling, M.: Sample-Efficient Model-based Actor-Critic for an Interactive Dialogue Task. ArXiv: 2004.13657

Kudashkina, K., Corradini, M., Thirunathan, P., Yada, R., & Fraser, E. (2022) Artificial Intelligence technology in food safety: A behavioral approach

Trends in Food Science & Technology 924-2244(123), 376-381, doi:10.1016/j.tifs.2022.03.021

Duncan*, E., K. Kudashkina*, K., Nixon*, A., (2018) Agricultural Research Data Governance: Principles and Pathways, Presented as a poster at the Arrell Food Summit and as oral at The 8th International Conference on Sustainability and Responsibility. (*) Equal contribution.

Ilie, S., Kudashkina, K., (2010) A model reduction technique for stochastic biochemical kinetics, Proc. of The International Conference on Bioinformatics & Computational Biology(2), CSREA Press, Las Vegas, pp. 448-453.